MIH Music Business Services

MIH Music Business Services specialises in Brand Communication for developing, emerging and established; Solo Artists, Groups, Bands, Musicians and DJ's.


Service Package includes:

Strategic Planning

Concept Design



Music Video

Cover Art

Promo Artwork

** Your Free Initial Consultation will cover our Team of Experienced Creative Professionals available (ie. Make-up Artists, Stylists, Photographers, Film Producers and Graphic Designers) with their Outstanding portfolio of work from various music related projects, to deliver the best team suitable for your brand, budget and style.

Other Music Business Services

For new starters entering the music industry or existing small businesses needing administration support in the following areas are:

  • Developing your Business Plan

  • Marketing Plans (single or album launch)

  • Artist Management Plan (for self managed Artists)

  • Tour Management (pre-planning)

  • Contract Review (pre-legal prep)

  • Designing Contracts/Agreements for your Business